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In House Training

In House Training

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In House Training
In house Training are tailor-made to meet the strategy / operational needs of the company.

Benefits of In house Training

     1. The participants belong to the same organization with the same corporate culture which makes for an efficient
         sessions as well as transfer of knowledge from the trainer.

     2. The design of the training is geared to meet  the needs of the organization and addressing directly the problem issues

     3. The learning process is simultaneous for all participants and within the time frame allocated

     4. Reduces the cost of training in terms of coordination, travel, hotels, etc. effectively lowering the cost per head.

     5. Cost of training is tax deductible by 200%.

­Topics for In-house Training include the following :

1. Topics related to investment promotions are :

     1.1 How to proceed after receiving promotion certificate (CPD)

     1.2 Things to know as a promoted company

     1.3 Accounting and accounting audit for promoted companies (CPD)

     1.4 How to deal with corporate income tax for promoted companies (CPD)

     1.5 Procedures for start of operations for promoted companies

     1.6 Procedures and problems related to rights and privileges under the Investment Promotion Act

     1.7 How to proceed with waste materials for promoted companies

     1.8 How to proceed with raw materials for promoted companies

     1.9 How to proceed with machinery and equipments as a promoted company

     1.10  How to deal with bringing in experts and skilled workers and procedures for applying for approvals as

             a promoted company

     1.11  All Executives Need to Know about BOI (ENGLISH VERSION)

     1.12  All Executives Need to Know about BOI (JAPANESE VERSION)

     1.13  All Executives Need to Know about BOI (CHINESE VERSION)


2. Topics on management and general issues as follows :  

     2.1 Customsdepartment procedures

     2.2 Human Resource Management & Leadership

     2.3 Leadership

     2.4 Management

     2.5 Sales & Marketing

     2.6 Accounting & Finance

     2.7 Services

     2.8 Self Development

     2.9 Purchasing

Applications for In-house Training process

     1. Apply for In-house Training and indicating training needs to Investor Club at Tel : 02 936-1442 or  e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

     2. The Investor Club will carry out the needs analysis for training requirements and prepare a Tailored Made training program along with advice and recommendations for training for highest benefit and effectiveness.

     3. Investor Club submits quotation for training along with topics covered, trainer’s background, and confirmation form

     4. Company issues confirmation form for IC training program

     5. IC contacts trainer giving profile of the company’s operations and needs.

     6 .IC carries out training and follows up with evaluation report

In-house training Form 

Customers for the In House Training programs.

For enquiries on Training and Seminars  contact :
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E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or


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