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Monday, 24 May 2021 03:59 2215
Subcommittee for Administration (2021-2023)
  1 Ms. Chutaporn  Lambasara Chairperson    
  2 Ms. Sudjit Inthaiwong Director    
  3 Ms. Chitra Kulvanich Director    
  4 Ms. Anjali Jalichandra Director    
  5 Ms. Patchanok  Kornkamolpruek Director    
  6 Mr.  Natthawut Lertphaiboon Director    
  7 IC General Manager  Secretariat    
Subcommittee for Information (2021-2023)      
  1 Mr. Chaicharoen  Atipat Chairman    
  2 Ms. Ajcharin Pattanaphanchai Advisor and Director    
  3 Mr. Chanin Khaochan Advisor and Director    
  4 Director, Information Technology, BoI  Director    
  5 Mr. Natthawut Lertphaiboon Director    
  6 Mr. Rungsan Wongwongchu Director    
  7 IC General Manager Secretariat    
  8 Head, Information Technology Division  Assistant Secretariat    
Subcommittee for Information Technology Services Management System (ITSMS) (2021-2023)     
  1 Ms. Chutaporn  Lambasara Chairperson    
  2 Ms. Hiranya Sujinai Director    
  3 Ms. Chitra Kulvanich Director    
  4 Mr. Seksan Ruangwiharn Director    
  5 Director, Information Technology, BoI    Director    
  6 Mr. Natthawut Lertphaiboon Director    
  7 Ms. Wanwisa  Pora Director    
  8 IC General Manager   Director and Secretariat    
  9 Head, Information Technology Division   Assistant Secretariat    
  10 Head, Entrepreneur Database Service Division   Assistant Secretariat    
Authority and function
  1 To monitor the overview of the Information Technology Services Management System in order to ensure that the services provided by the organization are quality and effective services compliant with ISO/IEC 20000-1 standard.    
  2 To supervise and ensure that there will be arrangement, review for improvement as well as approval of relevant procedures and policies for implementation.     
  3 To approve the Service Management Objective, criteria for ITSMS Performance Evaluation, ITSMS Policy, as well as the ITSMS Manual.    
  4 To endorse the guideline for risk management relating to ITSMS.    
  5 To endorse the resources and budget utilization on activities related to information technology services as deemed necessary in order to comply with ISO/IEC 20000-1 standard.    
  6 To monitor and evaluate the performance of ITSMS.    
  7 To appoint ITSMS representatives (ITSMR) and positions related to ITSMS or working groups related to ITSMS.    
  8 To present the performance report in compliance with the management standard on information technology services, ISO/IEC 20000-1, to the Board of Directors of the Investor Club Association and the Subcommittee on Information Technology.    


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