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Raw Materials Tracking System (RMTS) Service

       IC provides the issuance of permission letter for exercising raw material import benefits, so called “material release letter and maximum stock balance adjustment” as prescribed in Section 30 of the Investment Promotion Act B.E. 2520, as amended by the Investment Promotion Act (No.2) B.E.2534, and as stated in sections 36 (1), (2) regarding import duty exemptions on raw and essential materials brought in for production, mixing, or assembly, or exported commodities, as exemption of import duties for the promoted party who receives promotion to import for re-exports purpose.

To ensure that the Raw Material Tracking System offers convenient and accuracy to the clients, the Investor Club Association is committed to issue documents used for import of raw materials within 3 hours, and update the balance of the raw material stock account within 3 days counting from the time of request.

Machinery and equipment release letter through the Electronic Machine Tracking System (eMT)

       IC provides the issuance of letter for exercising machinery import benefits, so called “machinery and equipment release letter” as prescribed in Section 28 and 29 of the Investment Promotion Act B.E. 2520, as amended by the Investment Promotion Act (No.2) B.E.2534. through the Electronics Machine Tracking System (eMT). Investor Club Association is committed to issue the documents within 3 hours from the time of submitted request.


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