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eMT system

Electronic Machine Tracking System: eMT

Tuesday, 05 November 2019 16:54 35660

Electronic Machinery and Equipments release  (eMT)

      The eMT system was developed to assist companies receiving promotion certificate status from the BOI with privileges for waiver of duties on imported machineries and equipments under section28 and 29 of the Investment Act of 2520 (amended)

Scope of services : IC will issue approval letters within 3 working hours of submission. 

Process of issuing approval letters (eMT system):
1. Application for use of eMTsystem Download form.PDF
2. Orientation to use of eMT system required at time and place to be indicated
3. Submission of machinery/equipments list for approval  by the eMTsystem
4. After receiving approval letter can release machinery/equipments through the eMT
system with IC

Documents required for application/submissions :
1. Application form for use of eMT system (original) Download form.PDF
2. Copy of the promotion certificate indicating privileges  for waiver of duties for
machineries/equipments under sections  28 and 29
3. Tax ID
4. Name and address in Thai and English for issuing tax receipts

Fee for use of eMT :
1. One time application fee 3,745 baht
2. Advance service fee 535 baht (if already a previous user of the RMTS system, no
advance fee).
** (Fees exclude VAT) **

Preparation required before using eMT :
Applicant will have to undergo orientation training which will be set by the IC in terms of time and place. Each company can send one participant free of charge. Additional participants will incur fees as follows :
1. If member of Investor Club  4,280 per person
2. Non member 6,420  per person

Conditions for obtaining Username , Password for the eMT: following documents are required
1.  Letter from the company explaining why the need for  Username , Password
2. Power of attorney for authorized signatory with duty stamp 10 baht
3. ID card of authorizing power of attorney 
4. ID card for recipient of power of attorney.
5. Company’s Memorandum of Association ( if any)
***Fees for eMT service***

Process of eMT :
eMToffers the exercise of rights and privileges for clearing machineries electronically through the internet through Web Application without the need for hard copy approvals and allowing for interaction  with the data
Types of services offered with eMT : 8cl01b

Getting the approval letter :
1. Approval letters can be obtained from the issuing branch where applied for, or the 
Bangkok head office at counter 12
2. Approval letters can be obtained at the Suvarnaphumiairport  if the company
requested specifically  to receive it there, otherwise at the Bangkok head office or the
Cholburi branch  only.

*** All approval letters must be collected within 30 days from date of application, otherwise the IC will deliver to the company at the company’s expense, as well as
issue invoice at the end of each month.  ***


Contact for machinery release process :

1. Counter # …. For release of machinery or Tel :  (02) 666 9449 # 1


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