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Raw Material Tracking System: RMTS

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Material release letter and maximum stock balance adjustment

     The RMTS was program developed to offer services  to issue raw material release letters and maximum stock balance adjustments by computer for promoted companies by the BOI and enjoying privileges under  sections  36(1), (2) and  30 of the Investment Promotion Act B.E. 2520, as amended by the Investment Promotion Act (No.2) B.E.2534. 

For speed and accuracy, the RMTS process consists of the following :

  Data base : collecting and recording promoted companies by the BOI for referencing in issuance of approval letters wavering duties on imported materials as well as approval letters for stock balance adjustment for exports which will be kept in the RMTS system consisting of :                        
                  1.1 List of raw materials 
                  1.2 List of exported products 
                  1.3 product formula
                        ** to be complete within two working  days from receipt of application **
2. Material balance adjustment : issuance of approval letters for decrease or increase of materials according to operations which has to be approved by the BOI before proceeding  such as materials exported or damaged
                        ** to be complete within two working days from receipt of application **
3. Material release letter service : issuance of  material release letter for companies enjoying privileges under  sections  36(1), (2) and  30 of the Investment Promotion Act , consisting of approval letters wavering or reduction of duties on imported materials as well as approval letters for refunds or cancelling bank guarantees.
                        ** to be complete within three hours from receipt of application **
4. Stock balance adjustment  issuance of stock balance adjustment letter for companies enjoying privileges under  sections  36(1), (2)
                        ** to be complete within three working  days from receipt of application ** 

Access to using  RMTS
Companies promoted by the BOI and desiring to use IC RMTS services may proceed as follows :
      1.  Apply for IC RMTS services by contacting Customer Services at tel. 02-9361429 ext. 202.
      2.  Undergo orientation training to understand how to exercise privileges related to raw  
           materials and preparing documentation for stock balancing adjustment through the RMTS  
           system, normally lasting for 2 days during Saturdays and Sundays.
      3.  Record the data base on raw materials for registering into the RMTS system.
      4.  Apply for raw material release and  stock balance adjustments approval letters from IC. 

Documents required for application  
1 RMTS application form ( original)  
       2.  Copy of the promotion certificate indicating privileges under section 30 and section 
       3.  Copy of tax I.D. for applicant. 
       4.  Name and address of applicant in both Thai and English  for issuing tax receipts
Application and payment process
      1. Applications can be made at IC office on the 12th. floor or by fax no. 02-9361441-2
          or by email: cus_service@ic> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
      2. Payments to IC can be made as follows:
            2.1 Payment of application fee by cash or cheque at IC.
            2.2 Payment of application fee by mailing cheque by registered post
            2.3 Payment of application fee by Bill Payment  ( Bill Payment form )

Orientation before starting using services
    Customers using the RMTS system will undergo orientation/training for about 2.5 days at the time and place to be notified by IC accordingly. In the event that the company cannot attend, it is requested to inform IC at least 3 working days in advance. The company will be allowed one person to attend free of charge . Charge for this orientation in the case of additional participants are as follows 


IC Knowledge Management

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