Vision/Mission/Articles of Association

Vision : “To provide service in issuing document for releasing machinery, raw material and for balancing raw material account as well as organizing training, seminar and other activities to assure customers of quality, transparency, punctuality and accurate service according to customers’ need”

Mission :   1. Rights and services for machinery and raw materials more efficiently.
                2. Services for research and investment information.
                3. Effective training services.
                4. Coordination of investment services.

The objectives of the Investor Club Association are as follows:-
1.    To be a center for investors to meet and exchange investment information,
2.    To gather and disseminate investment information in Thailand and abroad,
3.    To provide services and facilitate investors,
4.    To provide consultation services with regards to investment,
5.    To provide training and seminar for improving skills and competencies of human resources in
       the business sector and in the general public

6.    To cooperate and coordinate with other related agencies for benefits of investors,
7.    To promote activities beneficial to members and society,
8.    Not to be involved in any political activities.

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